Launching an assessment in Webassessor
  1. Close all software applications prior to the launch of an assessment in Webassessor.
  2. Greet Student and obtain their Assessment Authorization Code.
  3. Log in at www.webassessor.com.
  4. your Proctor Login and Password.
  5. If prompted for a security alert. Click ‘Yes’.
  6. Click ‘Details’ for the testing center. (Only necessary If you are a proctor at more than one testing center, make sure you click ‘Details’ for the correct testing center.)
  7. To initiate the Student’s assessment, click the ‘Launch’ tab located on the top toolbar on the right of the screen.
  8. Launch Assessment - Step 1: Enter the Students ‘Authorization Code’ provided by the Student and click ‘Next’.
  9. Launch Assessment - Step 2: Verify that the Student and assessment name on the screen are correct and check off each box after you have confirmed that the step has been completed. Enter your Proctor Security code and click ‘Next’.
  10. Launch Assessment - Step 3: This screen prepares you for a security pop-up. **If prompted for a security alert. Click ‘Yes’.
  11. Click next and then “Open” or “Run” on the pop-up window.
  12. You will now see the Welcome Student screen. This is the first screen the Student should see.
  13. Provide the Student with any Test Aids permitted by WGU and escort the Student into the testing area.
  14. Instruct the Student to read the entire screen and then click ‘Start Assessment’ when they are ready to begin the assessment.
  15. When the Student has completed the exam, close the test session by entering your Proctor Login and Proctor Security Code.
If during an Examinee’s test session you lose internet connection or Webassessor goes down, the Examinee WILL NOT LOSE ANY OF THE ANSWERS THEY HAVE SUBMITTED. Additionally, the clock will stop and the Examinee will not lose any time left on the test.
White, black, blue, or frozen screen appears during a test launch or test session.
  1. Press the F5 button to refresh the screen. The screen should refresh allowing you or the Examinee to proceed.
  2. If pressing F5 does not work, completely shut down the computer and then turn the computer back on. Log back onto to Webassessor and re-launch the exam. Inform the Examinee that he/she will not lose answers that have been submitted nor any time left on the test.
  3. If you still are unable to re-launch the test contact
If you cannot access Webassessor Verify that you have an Internet connection
  1. If you believe you are connected, but cannot connect to www.webassessor.comattempt to access another website. If you are unable to access another website, contact your technical support department.
  2. If you are able to access another website but not www.webassessor.com
If you are not connected, attempt to connect to the Internet. If unable to do so, contact your technical support department.
When the Examinee clicks the NEXT button during a test, the test does not proceed to the next question. Inform the Examinee their submitted answers will not be lost. This issue can happen if your Internet connection is interrupted or lost. Follow the process listed in the box above.